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Photo Gallery

If there is an item that is SOLD and you really like it, please email me a special request listing the color(s) you want and details.

Orange and Turquoise Prayer Bracelet: SOLD

Pink Prayer Bracelet: $42.00 also available on

Green & Brown Prayer Bracelet: $50.00 also available on

Yellow and Moonstone Prayer Bracelet: $34.00

Yellow Turquoise 1 Strand Wrap Around Prayer Bracelet: $46.00

Gothic Inspired Chain Bracelet: $40.00

Red and Turquoise Prayer Bracelet: $32.00 also on

Rosary Anklet: $28.00 also on

LOVE Bracelet: SOLD

Citrine, Carnelian, Tiger Eye, Goldstone, and Swarovski Owl Bracelet: $60.00

Butterfly Glass Bead Green Bracelet: $55

Antique Button Wire Bracelet: $45

Sun and Moon Bracelet: $60

Flower Bracelet: $34

Citrene & Carnelian LOVE Bracelet: $50

Red & Black LOVE Bracelet: SOLD

Western Prayer Bracelet: $58

Hawiian Flower Bracelet: $55